Understanding Potential Coolsculpting Side Effects

There has been a great deal of hype in the cosmetic surgery world about the impact that Coolsculpting is having, and for good reason. This is the latest advancement in non-invasive technology that works to freeze the fat cells to give a sleeker appearance to any number of areas on the body. Even though the studies are showing that the fat cells are safely and easily targeted to be selectively damaged by the cold, there are still many people who are worried about the potential Coolsculpting side effects that they may experience.

The side effects that come from Coolsculpting will generally be very minor and are rather rare occurrences. However, it is always best to note that there can be some precautions that should be taken, as with any anesthetic procedure, there can be cause for concern. These are some of the things that you may be able to expect once you have your Coolsculpting appointment:

Immediately Following Your Coolsculpting Procedure

Right after the procedure, a patient may experience one or more of the following symptoms on a temporary basis:

– Firmness
– Redness
– Bloating and/or swelling
– Localized bruising
– Numbness
– Stinging and/or burning sensation
– Tingling
– Pain that could be mild to moderate

These are all symptoms that are completely normal and will resolve all on their own. Such symptoms are caused due to the prolonged suction along with the extended exposure time to the cold therapy to freeze the fat cells, which is also known as cryolipolysis. Symptoms like this can end up lasting for just a few minutes, up to a few hours, all depending on the patient. There will not be any need for special care or treatment for these issues to resolve. Be sure to check out these Coolsculpting reviews when you can.

3 To 5 Days Following Your Coolsculpting Procedure

There can be some Coolsculpting side effects that may only start to appear around 3 to 5 days after your procedure is complete, which may last for about a week. The symptoms will generally be mild in nature and require any medications or time off from your regular activities or work.

Symptoms can include:

– Cramping
– Mild to moderate pain
– Swelling
– Mild to moderate bruising
– Tenderness
– Tingling
– Itching
– Numbness that is only temporary

Any pain or numbness that you may experience after your Coolsculpting procedure happen to be some of the more common side effects. These issues will sometimes be called “fat freezing” side effects, which are usually only short lived and generally mild in nature. As a matter of fact, roughly 10 to 15% of patients will end up experiencing some sort of mild to moderate pain after they have Coolsculpting.

2 To 6 Weeks Following Your Coolsculpting Procedure

There are certain side effects of Coolsculpting that could last for roughly 2 to 6 weeks once the procedure is complete. These are normal side effects that are directly related to the cold temps that are associated with the process of feeding fat cells.

Symptoms can include:

– Tenderness
– Pain
– Numbness and/or tingling
– Swelling
– Itching

While these symptoms are generally temporary and they will subside, you need to remember to be patient so that your body can fully heal.

Of course, there are a lot of questions that can be normal that will come to mind before having such a procedure to freeze fat cells. Many patients will wonder whether or not they will end up getting frostbite on the treatment area. The answer here is that there have been millions of Coolsculpting treatments that have been done across the globe and there has only been one minor case of frostbite that has been reported.

The question about dimples or bumps developing will be another concern that patients will have. When it comes to Coolsculpting, it is unlike other surgical procedures that you can have, such as liposuction Instead of removing fat all at once, Coolsculpting works to offer a steady, even reduction of the cells in the fat layer. This means that dimpling and bumps should not appear. However, it is best that you always take the time to research the practitioner that you are interested in working with so that you know that you have a professional that you can trust.

When all is said and done, you will hopefully have the incredible results that you are looking for with Coolsculpting, without a great deal of side effects.