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n the years after the destruction of the Han Dynasty, China is divided into several warring factions all vying control to become the new Emperor.

Great warlords from each province wage battles as the blood of the innocent spills over this great land.

ow, new enemies have emerged as Japanese, Mongols and Anglo invaders have arrived with their formidable and destructive armies to conquer those who oppose them.

Take control of your Dynasty Empire, quell the war and restore peace to the land..

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Rank Empire Faction Units Worth
1st AdminSky YellowTurban 300 $0
2nd AgeofKingdom YellowTurban 300 $0
3rd Amber Invader 804 $70,020
99,999th Tester Shu 103 $9,705
99,999th YuFurong LuBu 4,605 $404,760
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Yellow Turbans
Liu Zhang
Liu Biao
Dong Zhuo
Yuan Shu
Ma Teng
Yuan Shao
Meng Huo
Lu Bu
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